Handmade Ethical Jewellery

Ethical Sustainable Jewellery

Growing up in London, I’ve always had the luxury of being surrounded by a diverse mix of sights, sounds, cultures and styles. This, coupled with a lifelong love of the transformative qualities of jewellery, has led me to cultivate a collection full of colour and life.

I’ve always been fascinated with the power jewellery has to communicate with the person it adorns. Whether it’s the confidence of a bold creole hoop, the serenity of wearing an amethyst round your neck, or the love of an engagement ring. There is no doubt that jewellery makes us feels something!

Sustainability and transparency are at the core of my business. It is important to me that beautiful jewellery doesn’t come at the cost of the planet. So I strive to make my pieces only from ethically sourced gemstones and recycled gold and silver. I also use 100% recyclable packaging, even down to the wax seals!

Each piece I create is full of heart and soul, and a great love of colour, shape and texture. Inspired by everyday life and special moments, I create jewellery that is made to be worn and cherished.

...Each Piece Is Gifted With Love. X

Featured: Theia Gold

Named after the Titan goddess of shining light and all that glimmers, Theia gold really knows how to grab your attention. Be ready to step into your light and shine bright, ready to carry this energy wherever you go. 

The hexagon band bold but elegant inspired by middle age shapes and silhouettes