Gonia Necklace

Gonia Necklace

Coloured sea glass bezel fitted on a gliserning Sterling Silver rope chain . The chain with pendant is 18inch. Can be made in 18k Gold plated too.


Recycled Silver with sea glass handpicked from Folkston Kent


I hadn't heard of sea glass before, which I was surprised about, it sort of found me. Essentially it's bits of coloured glass that are washed up on our beaches and throughout the years of being tumbled and eroded, It finally forms smooth shapes with the most amazing pastel colours.


London designer and maker, I gave light to Gemma Rose Jewellery in 2020 and my business became a reality. London lady born and bred, I have a spiritual heart and magnetise to all things mystical! Jewellery speaks a thousand words, I wanted to create Pieces that people could wear, carrying the energy of what they represent into their daily lives and make it their own.

From me to you with love. x



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    Sea Glass Colour