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Inspired by 16th Century Jewellery shapes - with an array of colourful semi-precious stones, captivating silhouettes and, bursting with character.



  • Lemon Quartz - yellow in colour, encourages control over negative thoughts and aids in freeing the mind from anxieties. It is also thought to bring out all the positive aspects of the wearer.

  • Blue Topaz - stimulates the throat chakra, cleansing and supporting the spoken word and self-expression.

  • Garnet - deep red colouring, it is said to bring strength, willpower and courage to a situation, helping you break through fears.

  • Peridot - clear green and the one in the picture, is a crystal that works on the vibration of the higher Heart Chakra. These positive, comforting type energies make Peridot exceptional as support in group situations. It brings out unconditional love and helps those who are working towards living on a loving vibration in their day to day lives.

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    Semi-precious stone